I was looking for a product for my Rottweiler that had glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM & hyaluronic acid. Not an easy feat to find something with all if that in it! A friend of mine who is an Equine & Canine Structural Alignment specialist recommended Biomaxx Ha. My Rottie has joint & nerve damage and this product has helped him immensely! He's been on it for 3 months & he moves far more easily & is able to keep playing ball- which he loves & I can feel good knowing he's so much better for it!


jango.jpg (98135 bytes)

I have been using Basic Nutrition for my horse for years. After a bout of laminitis, my horses hooves were weak. Joe told me about Hoofefex and it has been a huge help. He once foundered in all four feet and now is sound and healthy with much stronger hooves. Now that he has turned 14, I have added Regenerex to his regimen as well. Not only is my horse on the Regenerex, but my friend has also used it for her horse for years helping him with a stiff stifle. If he doesn’t get the Regenerex regularly it shows.

Once Joe told me he would be carrying supplements for pets, I jumped at it. My german shepard just turned 11 years old and has started showing signs of arthritis in the past few months. In the morning, she would be incredibly stiff. Joe recommended the Fluid X Plus and a noticeable improvement happened in a short time. Raven is now much more limber and moves around much easier in the mornings.

I would and have recommended these supplements to my friends and will continue using them for my fur-babies as well.


Cheryl Willis

Man.jpg (63294 bytes) Raven.jpg (387858 bytes)
Man of Leisure                Raven


This is the story of Peppy Vanilla Latte. She is a 3yr old AQHA cutting bred filly. I had NRHA futurity plans for her. I have owned her almost a year now. Peppy came to me for training with 30 days of training on her already. She was severely abused with the guy that put the 30 days on her and has scars from it. Her owner was taking her to a sale but wanted her broke to ride first so when he saw what had happened to her he pulled her from the other trainer and put her with me. there was no way I could get her ready in time for the sale. I was already riding 3 other horses the man. Peppy had a lot of trust issues that had to be dealt with and if she went to the sale as is I was afraid of her being abused by someone else. I fell in love with her and traded her for another mare that I had. I turned her out to be a horse and recover a little from her trauma. After about 3 or 4 months I noticed a shorting of her stride and I just kept an eye on her. Then her legs swelled so I took her to the vet and he thought she may have an infestation of parasites so he tube wormed her and I followed with an ivermectin 3 weeks after per request from the vet. the swelling went away but her gait didn't improve. Then Peppy started losing weight so I upped her feed and started adding a high fat supplement. I separated her from the others to make sure she was eating. I noticed that she started leaving her feed. I took her to the vet and he pulled blood for her kidneys and they were fine. The only thing that was elevated was her calcium. The vet wasn't alarmed and thought maybe she was suffering from gastric ulcers that had been caused by the previous trainer and never healed. So I treated her for ulcers with no results. Peppy got progressively worse. She was crippled now and could hardly stand. Every time I went out to her I thought she might be dead. She wouldn't eat hardly at all and lost so much weight that her bones were sticking out everywhere. She had bed sores on her sides and legs and even the side of her head. I didn't want to give up on her. I talk to some people and they thought maybe Lyme disease so I treated her for it. Nothing. She still got worse. I had posted her condition on Facebook and Joe Antonelli (from Basic Nutrition USA) took interest in her and so we started discussing different strategies for Peppy. After more research I came up with a thyroid issue and that was the reason for her high calcium so Joe suggested Kelp for her. I was  a little worried about getting it in her since she had no appetite but as soon as I put it in her feed bucket with a small amount of feed she ate it all up. She loved it! The Kelp boosted her thyroid. Honest to God within days of feeding her the Kelp she was standing more and more and eating more and more. It has been around two months now and she lopes around and eats a lot. She continues to gain weight and still has a way to go but people told me to put her down that I was causing her to suffer and that she was useless. But I saw fight in her and didn't want to give up on her. She had been through so much that I felt she deserved a chance. Peppy may never fully recover from her contracted tendons she obtained from laying down 90% of the day but she is far from death. She lopes after the other horses and trots around acting sassy. Its not pretty but she 's moving around! Hopefully she can have babies but even if she can't she is here to stay. Thank you so much Joe for all of your help.


Lora Lee Holley

Peppy.jpg (1126700 bytes)


VLos took two new lifetime records including a track record at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs since adding TYE-CAL MAX to his diet. Great product!

Eric Mollor trainer of Vlos

vlos.jpg (86085 bytes)

Read more about Vlos' triumphs here with Racing Roundup


We use Yea Sacc here at Stirling Brook Farms with our yearlings that are prepping for sales. The Yea-Sacc has aided in the over-all health and growth of our yearlings. Since starting the yearlings on Yea-Sacc two years ago we have not had any incidents of colic with any horse on Yea-Sacc. Yearlings on Yea-Sacc have a good appetite, shiny healthy coat, and maximize the nutrients in the feed and hay they are receiving to its fullest potential.

We also give Yea-Sacc to out lactating mares. We have found that all mares are producing more milk. This is especially advantageous with first time moms. Yea-Sacc in turn aids the foals in digesting this milk. We really find Yea-Sacc to be an asset to our breeding farm.

Our transactions With Basic Nutrition USA have been great. All questions we have asked are answered promptly and professionally. Product and service is quality A+, second to none. Thanks Basic Nutrition!

Stirling Brook Farms
11043 State Route 40
Easton, NY 12154-1810

for web page.jpg (104585 bytes) Stirling Adonis.jpg (44787 bytes) Hip 48.jpg (123521 bytes)
Pictures of the horses from Stirling Brook farms on Yea Sacc

After two years of limited racing, Khifra Hanover started a regimen of Regenerex. On June 29, 2010, she took a trotting lifetime mark of
1:53.4F. Regenerex brought her back to being an OPEN class winner at Mohegan Sun Pocono.

Julianna Edwards

khifraHanover.jpg (920608 bytes)
Khifra Hanover

Regular maintenance using BasicNutrition USA products is part of our stable. Featured here is Legal Muscles a 9 year old trotter who is
a weekly racer. Tye-cal Max helps prevent muscles soreness and keeps him sound. Also featured is Annika S a 7 year old pacing mare. She loves
her Chaste Tree Berries. She maintains a relaxed, level disposition and is ready to race every week.

Catherine Giamanco - Rosebud Racing

LegalMuscles.jpg (938546 bytes) annikas.jpg (1039801 bytes)
Legal Muscles and Annika S

8 years of racing and still going strong is Donnegal. Competing in some of the Highest Classes at Pocono Downs and Yonkers, Donnegal receives
his supplement of Tye-Cal Max to keep those muscles healthy with a short recovery time after a tough race. We look forward to more successful
seasons on Tye-Cal.

Greg Wasiluk

Donnegal.jpg (1181989 bytes)

About 8 months ago my vet suggested that my Trakehner's Bear's more often recurring colics might be caused by intestinal ulcers. He suggested scooping him and putting him on the usual ***Gard medications for at least a month. Being more drawn to herbs than pharmaceuticals, especially the ones proven for millennia, I opted to try Ulcerex first with the plan to follow the vet's advice if that didn't help. What a wonderful success! Not only did Bear's spasmodic colics completely stop, his whole demeanor changed for being a perpetually grouchy fellow to a sincere but well-meaning horse. And when my off-the-track QH injured his suspensory ligament, Ulcerex safe-guarded his stomach from all the Bute (that he historically did not handle well). Even better, there was was visible difference from a horse jumping out of his skin during stall rest to a much more resolved patient. The chamomile does indeed wonders. I would not want to be without Ulcerex in my feed room ever again!

Karin Stevenson

GotMyUlcerex.jpg (191219 bytes)

Bear says: Life's good! Got my Ulcerex today.

After years of showing Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Hunter Under Saddle and Hunt Seat Equitation our then 9 year old Quarter Horse "Buddy" noticeably began creaking, cracking, and popping at his joints. Joe Antonelli suggested Regenerex. We started him on the Performance Horse recommended two scoops for one month. His movement improved and the joints were silent. It is three years later and Buddy is maintained on one scoop a day and is as free as he was as a 3 year old and has NEVER had a joint injected. 


Joe Farkas

buddyQH.jpg (425613 bytes)


February 27, 2009

Our 24 year old QH was very stiff and would only take short little baby steps. Joe Antonelli recommended Regenerex and said that we should see results in a week. We saw results in 3 days! What a drastic change it made in her mobility and comfort. She looked like a younger horse and started cantering around, kicking up her heels just for fun! She hadn’t done that in a very long time. This supplement really helped ease her pain and made her life more enjoyable.

Thanks Joe!
Laura and John Arnold
Montrose, PA

A Very Nice Horse was Mare of the Year At Pocono Downs one year and Horse Of The Year another. She raced on BioMax and Tye-Cal Max earning over $300,000. She took the race record of 1:50.0 at the Meadowlands.

A Very Nice Mare is trained by Linda Holliday and driven by Jim Taggart Jr.


POCONO HORSE OF THE YEAR HONOURS - Story at Harnesslink.com


averynicehorse.jpg (106521 bytes) averynicehorse2.jpg (100157 bytes) verynicehorse3.jpg (501687 bytes) verynicehorse4.jpg (461118 bytes)
A Very Nice Horse - Standardbred Mare Pacer

I've been using tye cal max for several years and have been extremely happy with this product. Tye cal max has shown me results where my tye up counts went from above normal to being normal on a regular basis. My horses behavior on and off the track has lead me to believe that they are not tying up. This is the best product and I won't ever stop using it because it truly works.

Matt Romano

besmo.jpg (584253 bytes)
Besmo - A standardbred driven and trained by Matt Romano



My daughter started showing Arabian English Pleasure Walk Trot on an Arabian mare we owned but at shows the mare would get nervous in the arena and want to jig instead of flat foot walk. Our veterinarian recommended I find a product with as much tryptophan, thiamine, and magnesium as possible. Calminex was that product and it really works. We could feel a difference within one week and when my daughter showed her at Arabian Youth Nationals, she walked like a dream in three different classes. Great Product!

Marie Johnson
Albuquerque, New Mexico

megan.jpg (21674 bytes)


Tye-cal max made a huge difference on my horse Nashville Hall. He became more relaxed and focused. Very good results.

Jerry Ray

nashvillehall.jpg (48829 bytes)
Nashville Hall - standardbred gelding

I've used basic nutrition's products for years and have had great results. My favorite is Tye-Cal for tying up problems in race horses. In my experience, I haven't had many it didn't help. I also use Recoverex ever since I had a difficult case that it worked wonders on. These products work.

Ed Sager 

nightskreeation.jpg (107996 bytes)
Night's Kreeation

We raced our 3 year old trotter, Shibboleth Hanover, on Tye-Cal Max and he earned over $100,000 in 2009. It worked so well that we have also raced many other horses on it with great success.

Mary and Clarence Martin

shibboleth.jpg (79270 bytes) shibboleth2.jpg (141461 bytes)

Shibboleth Hanover