Welcome to Basic Nutrition USA

Welcome to Basic Nutrition USA, the Northeast Distributor of Basic Sport & Equine Nutrition.

Basic Equine Nutrition was developed by Basic Sports Nutrition, whose owners have been involved with horses for over twenty years. We could say that there are remarkable similarities between a human athlete and a horse, particularly when they are involved in highly competitive sports. Both are consuming nutrients in far greater amounts than normal and the constant drive for success and performance inevitably leads to stress and strain on those bodies. Proper nutrition in these cases is of vital importance.

Your horse may be a family pet or may be competing at international events, in both cases, Basic Equine Nutrition believes that only the best is good enough. Our human athletes will accept nothing less than premium quality and we believe our equine athletes should also enjoy those same high standards.


Our Commitment:
As a distributor and a horse owner myself, along with Basic Equine Nutrition, we are committed to provide the equine industry with pure, pharmaceutical grade nutrients and top quality supplements. We will strive to search for new and innovative products to enhance the health and performance of all athletes.



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- Research from the United Kingdom and Germany indicate that curcumin significantly reduces the inflammatory pathways in horses. Studies have also indicated benefits for insulin resistant horses. Curcumin maintains a healthy liver by enhancing function: detoxification, bile flow and digestion, as well as showing significant positive signs to treat skin irritations and sarcoids

- Promotes growth for strong, healthy hooves, coat, mane & tail in a natural pro-biotic base.

META-SUPPORT - Supports healthy sugar and insulin metabolism. Great for older horses with metabolic issues, horses with low/high blood sugar, horses in regular travel/moving around. Aids in balancing insulin levels in insulin resistance in horses. Supports normal glucose metabolism.


- Promotes & maintains optimal health and joint function with added Hyaluronic Acid


COMPLETE - Promotes optimal health, gut microflora & immune system. Key to maintain integrity of cartilage, tendons, skin, hair, & hooves.

ELECTROLYTES - Balanced Electrolyte replacement formula is apple flavored for optimal palatability. Perfect for adding to feed or water for replacement of lost electrolytes during extended or hard work.


HEMONEX - a natural formula to aid in the prevention and healing of lung bleeding


MUTLIPLEX - an amino acid enriched multi-vitamin and trace mineral formula for health and to improve performance